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You are a witch. Avoid the ghosts and move on in the caves. The only way to defeat the ghosts is to hit them against each other. Please do well.

Because ghosts can move diagonally, so they moves faster than you. But you can use magic to escape. 

You will learn new magic by defeating ghosts.

TELEPOMove the place at random. It's a bit dangerous.
CHAOSConfuse the nearby ghosts.
TELEPO 2It is a safe TELEPO. Hooray!
BRAINWASHNearby ghosts will be friends.
SLEEPStop the nearby ghost movement.

Good luck!

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very challenging! makes me interested to try LOVE < 3


love2d is a good cross platform game engine. It is simple. I like it.
Unfortunately it is not perfect on the web, but pretty good :)

Cool, I'll have to check it out : )